-Patrick Harrington, 2016 Spring Break Missionary (Ave Maria University Graduate 2016, President’s Award Finalist)

“My experience at Guadalupe Gardens truly opened my eyes to the spiritual poverty in my own life. God was truly present in all those who work for Guadalupe Gardens, the humility and total trust that they have in God was very inspiring. What touched me the most was all the people that I came in contact with who had truly suffered in their life. These people showed me the joy of Christ by how they treated me. They helped me realize that the most important thing in life is to have God, nothing else can fill our deepest desire, to be loved. God does not call us all to live the life of a missionary as some people do, but he does call us to have a missionary’s heart. God came to save souls and this is the most important thing in life. We are all called to different paths, but all headed the same way. Christ waits for us with open arms and for all those he puts in our life.”

-Kendel Jordan, 2016 Summer Missionary (Ave Maria University Graduate 2016

“Heading to Nicaragua, I remember asking God for a summer that was an encounter rather than an experience. I’m so thankful that He answered this prayer through Guadalupe Gardens. Every day was incredibly different but I always ended each one in awe of how full it was. We didn’t have to go far in order to find opportunities to serve. Sometimes our mission was taking children to Mass or visiting a nursing home or rehab center. But other days it might look like visiting a neighbor, cleaning up the yard, or speaking with a person we just met on the street. At the mission center we lived simply and in solidarity with our neighbors. This meant that there was less to hide behind and more time to pray, so it was much easier to see the intense and active battle between good and evil going on for our hearts. I am grateful for all of the ways God taught me about myself and His love for me through this. I believe with all of my heart that God wants this mission to continue to grow and shape lives the way it has for me. Please pray for Guadalupe Gardens!”