Nicaraguan Well Project | Bee Farming Project | Guadalupe Roastery Project

We are working with a local Nicaraguan non-profit foundation (Fundenatura) that is looking to restore the local environment to its pre-war state.  The property Paul purchased to build Guadalupe Gardens on is an old coffee plantation that was destroyed in the civil war of the 1980s. Guadalupe Garden’s and the local Fundenatura foundation are working to bring back a sustainable, eco-friendly, agriculture industry to the area. Please get involved if you are able.

We are currently looking for benefactors to help sponsor several projects.  First, we need to open a well onsite.  There is a well on site, but unfortunately, it was clogged during the war and needs to be reopened with a well drilling rig.  We will also have to install a new solar powered pump.  This well will significantly help the local families and also help our local non-profit partner (Fundenatura).  If you would like to contribute, you can go to Guadalupe Gardens directly through PayPal at:

or to Paul’s gofundme page at

We also plan to keep bees on site and sell their honey in local markets as a way of sustainability. In February 2016, Paul met with a mission group from the University of Wisconsin to begin the process of establishing the colonies, they will be returning in July 2016 to conduct a local seminar to teach a local family how to bee keep.

The third project that we are looking at, is purchasing a coffee roaster for the Guadalupe Gardens center. We are forming a local coffee cooperative and we will be buying beans from area farmers and roasting them to sell in local markets and abroad. An Ave Maria, FL family has purchased a roaster and is currently selling coffee to help fund Guadalupe Gardens. Students planning to volunteer with Guadalupe Gardens can also sell their coffee in order to fundraise for their trips. Please see the page for more information.

To get involved email