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Guadalupe Roastery

Guadalupe Roastery

Coffee for Christ? Why not? An Ave Maria, Florida family has purchased a roaster and is currently selling coffee to help fund several non-profit organizations, including Guadalupe Gardens. Students planning to volunteer with Guadalupe Gardens can also sell their coffee in order to raise funds for their trips. We hope to build a coffee cooperative in the community around Guadalupe Gardens, which was built on the ruins of one of Nicaragua’s first coffee plantations. Please see the page for more information.

Guadalupe Garments Catholic Tees

To help sustain our mission, we have created Guadalupe Garments Catholic T-shirts, available in the US, the Philippines, and Nicaragua. What a beautiful way to inspire others by being clothed in faith with quotes from our beloved saints! Visit our Facebook Page: for more information. Message us for orders and inquiries, payable through our Paypal account:

Water Cistern

We are currently looking for benefactors to help sponsor a rain-fed water cistern with a filter and pumps to benefit the rural community, which has no running water. At present, water is rationed in tiny quantities once a week to the 50 poor families around the mission. A well exists onsite but was destroyed before the civil war. Another option is to repair the well, but due to our high elevation, US$20,000 is needed just to dig deep enough to reach the ground water.

To get involved email us at